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December 4, 2017

May 11, 2017

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September 1, 2017

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December 4, 2016



I absolutely love Christmas and every teeny tiny detail about this festive, jolly holiday! From mistletoe to Christmas jumpers to chestnuts roasting on an open fire, I love it all. It's a wonderful excuse to spend quality time with friends and family, to buy and receive lovely presents and to just generally spread a little extra love around which in my eyes is no bad thing. I know that it can get really expensive and I understand that there is this huge build up and sometimes a lot of stress involved for what is essentially one day but I LOVE  the build up and embrace the days before and after Christmas day. Mr B on the other hand is a Christmas sceptic and even though he enjoys the indulgences of the day itself, he loathes the build up and if anyone mentions a mince pie or plays a Christmas tune in November then a death stare is definitely coming their way! I have managed to soften his 'bah humbug' tendencies (he definitely hams it up now and again) and in the last two years he has even worn a Christmas jumper, granted it has "NO HO HO" emblazoned on the front but it's a happy compromise! 


This is our last Christmas as a twosome and next year things are going to very different once baby B arrives and I can't wait to start making some new Christmas traditions as a family of three. I can be hugely nostalgic and I love talking about all the christmas traditions my parents started for me and my siblings when we were youngsters, especially to my friends who have kiddies so that they recreate some of the magic my parents created for us for their little ones. I love it when friends of mine send me photos of snowy Father Christmas footprints down the hallway on a christmas morning and the reactions from their kiddies, I still remember the sheer joy and excitement of seeing those footprints as a child and how it added to the magic of the day! 


I chuckle to myself about the memory of being in the queue for assembly at Primary school and proudly announcing to my friends that I had seen the real Father Christmas....and I wasn't lying! That Christmas eve at around 6:30pm, my mum suddenly declared that she could hear jingle bells outside! My sisters and I rushed excitedly to the window and in the garden we could see Father Christmas tucking in to the mince pie and sherry we had left out for him. I still remember how fast my heart was beating as we all rushed upstairs to bed and desperately tried to fall asleep! A massive round of applause has to go to my parents who then had a child free evening of drinking mulled wine and wrapping presents in peace with absolutely no worries of any creaks from upstairs, there was no doubt that we were staying firming glued to our beds that night. I found out years later that it was my uncle who had happily tucked in to the sherry and minces pie that night dressed in a red suit and a not so convincing white beard....bravo Uncle Steve, bravo! 


The magic of Christmas definitely gets diluted as an adult and I really miss the innocence of Christmas (I'm a big kid at heart)! Next year, I get to be a kid again (hooray) and to relive all the wonderful magic but this time it will be through the eyes of my very own little one. I'm sure Mr B (Ba humbug) and I will have just as much fun making our own memories even if it does involve a few (snowy) white lies along the way...


Ho ho ho!


Love, Hayley


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