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December 4, 2017

May 11, 2017

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September 1, 2017

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December 11, 2016

I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant and growing bigger as the weeks go by, this is hugely exciting but also slightly terrifying. It's been a rollercoaster of a journey so far and I've definitely had my ups and downs but it's all so very, very worth it. I'm properly starting to feel movement now which is incredible! Mr B has managed to feel a few of the kicks too which has been so lovely and really quite emotional. The time between scans and midwife appointments has dragged on a bit and I've felt myself getting really impatient, but when I take stock of where I am in my pregnancy journey I'm shocked.......the time is really flying by! People tell you the time goes by quickly, and it really does! 


I'm struggling to sleep at the moment and just can't seem to get comfortable during the night. The need to wee every couple of hours isn't helping! A friend also recently pointed out that I've started sitting differently to how I normal sit. Apparently I'm sitting with my legs akimbo but it must be about distributing the extra weight comfortably, I had no idea I was doing this....I'm just waiting for that pregnancy waddle now! 


We've been in limbo with our house, as the extension we were planning on starting in January has been delayed (bummer). It's now looking likely that building won't be able to start until after the baby arrives (major bummer). We're hoping to have at least a month of undisturbed family time at home with our new little person before all the banging and crashing begins. So unfortunately lovely things like decorating the nursery will have to wait until we can start the build. It's frustrating that I can't start properly nesting and setting up a beautiful nursery for our baby, but it's really not the end of the world in the grand scheme of things. I've been stalking pinterest for inspiration and know that our bubba will have a beautiful nursery eventually....all good things come to those who wait! 


I know what you're thinking.....building work with a baby? Are we mad? or just clueless? Our logic is that it's better to have building work and disruption with a newborn baby before the crawling/walking stage, but let's see how we get on (watch this space). If anyone else has done any building work with a newborn baby then get in touch, any advice would be gratefully received!!


I don't think the reality of all the things we need to prepare has properly started to sink in yet. The new year will definitely help bring that on as we get closer to D day....sh*t, as they say, will start to get very real!


I have treated myself to an electric steriliser kit and a sexy electric breast pump. A friend has also kindly given me a manual breast pump so I'm extremely well equipped for all my breast pumping needs! We don't have much else in the way of baby stuff just yet, but we will get there eventually. We are 100% emotionally and psychologically ready for our little baby to join us and I think that's the best preparation at this stage, plus everything else will just happen/fall in to place/miraculously fall in to our laps won't it?! I mean there's not much you can't buy in an emeregncy at a 24/7 Tesco right?!


Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. If you fancy following my journey then please subscribe (I will do a tiny dance) and check me out on twitter @onecluelessmuma.... and Instagram @one_clueless_mumma










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