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December 4, 2017

May 11, 2017

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September 1, 2017

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January 9, 2017


I've been writing my baby list since the moment I found out I was pregnant. I have lists absolutely everywhere; on my phone, in my notebooks and on my kitchen chalkboard. They are quick scribbles of "must have" products that friends and families have recommended, or something highly reviewed on the internet that I've stumbled upon. Some of these recommendations are things I've never heard of! So noting down everything has been essential in making sure I don't forget. However, this week I've felt a little lost within my own lists and scribbles. It was time I actually collated all my scribbles in to one list. A list that that only included the essentials and that's what I've done. However it's a lot easier said than done when you're this clueless. I thought it might be helpful to share my list of baby essentials to help any other clueless parents-to-be whilst also hopefully getting some tips myself, I might be missing a trick! 




The SleepyHead is a complete pod system for babies and toddlers and it has rave reviews. It's a sleeping aid which can be used as babies first bed and it's portable so can be moved around as needed. It really appeals to me because of how well rated it is and how useful it will be during those first weeks when we're finding our feet......hopefully! 




We have been recommended by friends to get a side sleeping crib for ease and some friends even said they regretted not buying one with their first babies. We like the Chicco sleeping crib as it can also be used as a regular crib when needed and it comes in a range of different colours. We want something easy to assemble and we want it to travel well, the reviews so far have given it the thumbs up! We have limited space so this suits our needs perfectly and the crib is spacious for baby. 




I've been struggling with what pushchair/travel system we should go for as I want one that's practical and stylish. I've looked at so many and they all look great so it's a hard decision to make. After road testing a friends and seeing how easy it was to fold down, I think we're decided on the Mutsy Evo in Grey (I'm obsessed with grey) and I love the tan leather detail too. It's got sturdy wheels and has survived many a walk in parks with Ted so that has obvious bonus points for us! 






Every one of my friends have recommended I invest in an electric breast pump. I have been recommended the Tommee Tippee breast pump and the Medela breast pump

but after purchasing the Tommee Tippe bottle steriliser starter set in the sale, I went with the Tommee Tippee pump so that everything matches. I'm hoping this will help make life a little easier. A friend has actually given me her unused Tommee Tippee manual breast pump so hopefully I'll be prepared for all my breast pumping needs!




I bought this set a month ago in the sales and got it for a really good price. It comes with an electric steam steriliser, a bottle warmer, bottles, thermal travel bags etc which will hopefully get us started. This means our breast pump matches the steriliser and bottles which we've been told will be really helpful in the long run.




I also have the following on my essential baby list:


Baby changing bag - I still can't decide on this yet! Check out my shortlist!

Car seat

Baby grows (short sleeved and long sleeved)

Sleep suits


hat/ socks/ mittons/ booties

Burp cloths

Muslin cloths

Baby blankets/ sheets

Nipple protectors

Nappy changing bags


Baby wipes

Changing mat

Breast pads and Nursing bras


We are lucky to have been given a baby bath and brand new moses basket which are really handy to have but aren't on my essential list. I will eventually get a baby monitor once I think I need one and will no doubt want to get a bouncy chair, baby sling, room thermometer etc but will concentrate on my essential list first. 

I've definitely felt overwhelmed by all the items available for a newborn plus all the pretty baby things I've seen online. I'm being strict on myself and good to our bank account by concentrating on the essentials. 


I'm hoping that there isn't anything too glaringly obvious that we've forgotten but I'm sure if there is anything we need we can get after baby B's arrival. 

Is there anything I've missed? What is on your baby essentials list? 


Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. If you fancy following my journey then please subscribe (I will do a tiny dance) and check me out on twitter @onecluelessmuma.... and Instagram @one_clueless_mumma





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