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December 4, 2017

May 11, 2017

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September 1, 2017

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February 1, 2017


Well week 30 has been quite hard on this mummy-to-be. I've been struck down with the dreaded lurgy which has been so frustrating. I've been bed ridden for three days due to a horrible head cold which has been really fustrating. This is so unlike me as normally I can brush things off easily but being pregnant meant I couldn't take any medication. I got though it with Kleenex tissues and Vicks vapour rub by my side thankfully.


I'm now on the mend (hooray) and the fact that I'm nearly 31 weeks is properly start to sink in now. It feels like I've hit a pregnancy milestone with only ten weeks of my pregnancy left to go. I'm slowly starting to gather my baby essentials and have ordered our pram which is a big investment, it's almost like buying a new car with the amount of thought and research that goes in to it! It's a bit of a minefield when you first start searching but we soon narrowed it down and friends recommendations were such a help.



I'm feeling Baby B day and night now, he doesn't seem to stop jiggling around. He has a few quiet moments in the day but there is no set routine. I thought I had recognised a pattern in his movements but at the moment he's a constant little baby raver and sometimes it feels like he is doing flips! I love feeling him move around and for a sometimes anxious pregnant lady, it can be amazingly reassuring. 


Heartburn has definitely eased off thankfully but comes back every now and again to bite me in the bum. It's definitely better this way than 24/7 so I'm not complaining. My main gripe at the moment is 'restless leg syndrome' which is really hard to explain and I think my description of it in my last update was pretty accurate. It always seems worst at night and just makes you feel so restless and fidgety. The only thing that seems to help is a soak in the bath and I'm doing that before bed most nights. 


My walks with Ted the dog are slowing down and I'm feeling it in my pelvis more and more. I'm still walking twice a day but my pace has slowed down and rather than a couple of laps around the park, it's just the one lap at a much slower pace. Baby B is now the size of a 'good sized cabbage' and is weighing about 1.3kg so I just need to listen to my body as it gets heavier and takes things easy. 

We're enjoying our NCT classes and it's nice to chat to other expectant parents with the same questions and worries. It's also making us feel more prepared and think about the birth properly which is definitely a good thing. This week my appetite has decreased because of being ill but it's slowly returning! My chocolate addiction has been replaced with a satsuma addiction this week which is little healthier at least. 


Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. If you fancy following my journey then please subscribe (I will do a tiny dance) and check me out on twitter @onecluelessmuma.... and Instagram @one_clueless_mumma





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