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December 4, 2017

May 11, 2017

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September 1, 2017

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February 27, 2017


A few weeks ago I got approached by Secret Saviours about trying out their anti-stretch mark system and I jumped at the chance. Anything that I can do to help keep the stretch marks at a minimum is definitely worth trying in my book and the reviews I read online looked really promising. The anti-stretch mark system is made up of a day gel, a night cream and a specially designed bump support band. The system claims to make it 70% harder for stretch marks to form and that claim in itself got my attention! 

The support band is worn during the day and with the help of the day gel it fits comfortably and snugly around my bump. In the evening you remove the support band and apply the night cream to moisturise your skin. Secret Saviours offer different sizes so you can get bigger sizes as your pregnancy progresses and they also come in a choice of black and pink. The support band has small raised pads on the inside which stick to the skin and help hold your skin together to help stop stretch marks forming.


To get the perfect size support band all you need to do is measure your bump around the largest part of your stomach and those measurements will decide what size bump band you will need. Secret Saviours recommend that you start using the anti-stretchmark system from around 12-14 weeks of pregnancy for maximum results! 

I started using the system at 31 weeks pregnant and it was great timing as I was starting to get lower back pain. The band has been a fantastic support for my back but unfortunately I am suffering from really bad rib pain so sometimes the band feels little bit too tight at the top of my bump. This hasn't put me off wearing it though and I've just been tugging it down a little bit lower when rib pain strikes! It fits really snuggly and I'm definitely appreciative of the extra support. As I get heavier I think the support band is going to be my best friend. I'm really enjoying the routine of this system and I love the smell of the day gel and night cream. 

The night cream is my favourite part of the system. It feels so luxurious and it smells amazing. It feels and smells like a spa product and I apply it just before bed which really helps me relax. My skin has definitely felt more soft since using the system and I don't have any stretch marks as of yet. I'm hopeful the system will continue to keep my skin soft and stretch marks at a minimum. I'm now 33 weeks pregnant and I plan on using this system until my due date. 


Photo of me at 33 weeks pregnant


The anti-stretch mark system costs £69.99 and if you start using it from the recommended 12-14 week mark then you might need two bands to see you through your pregnancy (the bands cost £29.99 separately). This might seem quite pricey but in my opinion I think its well worth the money. 

The Secret Saviours website has lots of really interesting information about how the system works which is definitely worth checking out. They also have a fab blog with lots of pregnancy advice which is really handy! If you're really serious about keeping the stretch marks away then this is a serious contender and something that is clinically proven to work.


** These products were kindly sent to me to trial and review. All opinions expressed and photos are my own. 


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