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December 4, 2017

May 11, 2017

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September 1, 2017

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July 6, 2017


When I first started researching and buying baby items during pregnancy, I was slightly overwhelmed by all the amazing products online. It's so easy to get sucked in by all the clever marketing and pretty designs. I'm a total sucker for this and really had to reign myself in with my baby shopping! It's sometimes hard to know what 'to buy' and what 'not to buy' as you want to prepared for everything parenthood is going to throw at you. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the items that have come in handy for us as first time parents. I've popped in all the links of the items I mention. 


Snooze shade


We were gifted the snooze shade by a friend and so far it's proved priceless. Now that Bertie is so much more aware of the world, he has started to fight sleep. The snooze shade helps him switch off and nap properly when we're out and about. It's also really fab for when the sun is shining as it provides high level sun protection. Bertie naps so much better in a dark or dimly lit room so this really helps with daytime napping. 




At first I wasn't convinced as Bertie wasn't the best sleeper in the early days and it didn't seem to help. I couldn't see the benefit of the sleepyhead if I'm totally honest but now he is sleeping better I can see why there is so much hype. It's great for moving around the house for naps and fantastic for when you're travelling. We took ours to Devon with us to use and he slept in it soundly. 


Angel Care bath seat


Bertie LOVES the bath! This seat is awesome because he can sit safely in it and splash around to his hearts content. We really missed our bath seat when we went to Devon as one of us had to hold him in the bath whilst he kicked around. It meant bad backs for myself and Mr B and shorter bath times for Bertie. It's definitely a 'couldn't do without' baby item. 


Blackout blind


The blackout blind has been so helpful with helping Bertie get in to a bedtime routine. It keeps the room dark during the day for naps and is fantastic for travelling with little suckers that can stick on to any window. We noticed a difference in Bertie's sleep as soon as we started using it. Another 'couldn't do without' baby item. 


Prostech Thermometer


This thermometer has been fantastic! We were able to change from surface to body to room and it helped to put our minds at rest about the temperature when we weren't sure. This was particularly reassuring in the early days. We use it to check the bath water, room temperature when we're travelling and of course to check on Bertie's temperature. You just point it at the forehead and it reads the temperature which is so quick and easy! 


Miracle blanket swaddle 

This swaddle blanket was an absolute lifesaver when it came to sleep! Bertie is such an active little fella and he was constantly hitting himself in the face which was waking him up. We were trying to swaddle him ourselves using large muslins for a while but he kept escaping so we invested in a Miracle blanket swaddle. We now have a few of these miracle blankets and they work really well for us because they gently but securely swaddle the arms and the body. 


I have not been sent these items to review. These my own honest opinions on items I have purchased myself.


Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. If you fancy following my journey then please subscribe (I will do a tiny dance) and check me out on twitter @onecluelessmuma/ Instagram @one_clueless_mumma




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